Red Velvet Seulgi's confession about his solo debut and group

Currently, everyone is going to switch into K-pop music.

And Why not?

Because they made a lot of awesome songs.

Here are some popular groups, whose music is known all over the world.

BTS, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Twice, Itzy, TXT, and many more.

One of them is Red Velvet,

red velvet seulgi's upcoming album
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Which debuted in 2014 and today they are a very successful band.

There are total 5 members in this group. 

Irene, ‎Seulgi‎, ‎Wendy‎, ‎Joy‎, ‎Yeri‎

So far 5ev has made the name of the band bright by working in the group.

But recently Seulgi released her first Debut solo mini album.

The name of this album is "28 Reasons".

28 reason by seulgi
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The theme of this album is Good and Evil, which is influenced by movies like "joker".

Seulgi said, "this album was prepared at the beginning of the year itself.

After I gained more experience and became more civilized, I release that I need to do a solo album and I wanted to show his colors. 

So, after eight years after the debut, seemed the right time."

Here a look of Seulgi in 28 Reasons,

seulgi look in 28 reasons
image from twitter

She also said that I have not only written songs from my thoughts but have seen a lot of movies which inspired me and after that she written songs.

Seulgi said that she thought that she is very calm and cool person. But after that, she realized that she was not. There were moments when she felt my emotions going up and down. 

And she thinks this was a year when she used her brain the most and was involved in every part of the production.

this was her first album, she worked so much from artwork to lyrics. and she hopes to become an artist to look forward to."

Seulgi was getting emotional in a press conference and said about group:

"I relied on them so so much. I was so scared about not having them beside me and that fear won't go away." she cried and, she said, "Please write 'Our Red Velvet is the best!'" 

Seulgi becomes the first K-pop Female Soloist to reach #1 on US iTunes Album Chart in 2022.

Here are Achievement of Seulgi,

seulgi achivment
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