See, How other countries celebrate the new year?

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How 15 countries celebrate New Year in different ways.

1. United States

Every year millions of Americans gather around their televisions or in the streets of Time Square to watch the ball drop at midnight.

america new year celebration 2022
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2. Denmark

People of Denmark celebrate the new year by throwing away the old plate. They think that the more broken bars you store at your doorstep, the better the new year.

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3. Canada

Canadians start their new year with their favorite winter sport – ice fishing

According to the global news, it would have been a lot of cold that new year I would go to the family rent heated huts and they enjoy eating and walking with his loved one.

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4. Philippines

Philippines people serve 12 round fruits on New Year's Eve. They think that the round-shaped fruits represent the prosperity that coins depict.

Each fruit represents a month of the year.

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5. Brazil

Brazilians usually go to the beach from summer onwards, and are asked to jump seven waves while making wishes.

And before going to the beach, they have to wear all white as white signifies purity.

brazil people celebrate new year
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6. Spain

In Spain, their people start eating 12 grapes that symbolize each strike of the clock.

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7. Japan

People in Japan make their New York debut by eating a hot bowl of soba noodles. They even feed the poor people who went to the Buddhist temple.

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8. France

French people celebrate the new year by drinking champagne or sparkling wine. They usually do dancing and hopping party.

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9. India

The people of India wear colorful clothes and have fun like dancing, playing games, and meeting people close to them.

Mostly they celebrate the day after Diwali.

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10. Mexico

Mexican families prepare meals, especially on the evening of tamales, which are stuffed with corn flour filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables, all wrapped in husks then they give gifts to loved ones.

On New Year's Day, the warm pockets are often served with menudo, a traditional Mexican soup made from a cow's stomach.

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11. Greece

Onions are not only a staple food in the kitchen, but they are also an auspicious symbol for the people of Greece.

In Greece, people hang onions outside the door, the people there believe in the tradition of hanging love outside the door.

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12. Haiti

January 1 is Haiti's Independence Day. The people celebrating the new year with them went to each other's house and brought some soup and exchanged some of them.

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13. Colombia

There is a tradition in Colombian families called "Aguero".

A family member has put 3 potatoes under the bed, in that one peeled, one not, and the last one only partially.

they close their eyes in the middle of the night, touch for one, and on the potato chosen by him, they hope for his future, good fortune, struggle, and both.

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14. Korea

Koreans celebrate the new year which lasts for 3 days; The day before the new year, the new year itself, and the day after the new year. During this time many Koreans visit families and wear hanbok, eat Korean food and play sports.

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15. Norway and Denmark

Ring cake is made of 18 layers, due to which people of Denmark and Norway eat that cake and celebrate New Year's Eve.

This cake is a layer of sugar that looks like cookies.

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