What will the citizens of India benefit from the Uniform Code?

The uniform civil code means that there will be a common law for every citizen living in the country, irrespective of caste or religion.

  Uniform civil law will be imposed in the UCC (Uniform Civil Code), which includes marriage-divorce and property division.

If UCC law is understood in simple language, then it means that a fair law which will not have any relation with any religion or caste in any way.

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To date, different laws have been made in India for the citizens of different religions. as an example

  1. Hindu Personal Law

 2. Muslim Personal Low

1. Hindu personal law:-

The Hindu Civil Code Bill was introduced in India, then there was some opposition to that bill, so at that time some reforms in the Hindu Civil Code were given to it in 4 parts.

1. Hindu Marriage Act

2. Hindu Succession Act

3. Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act

4. Hindu Minority and Guidance Act

Through these 4 laws, women have got equal rights in Hinduism. On the basis of these laws, women have got equal rights in the property of their father and husband, and in this law, people of different castes have the right to marry each other, but living in one marriage can not do another marriage.

2) Muslim Law:-

Muslim civil code has been brought separately in India. According to this law, any husband could divorce his wife even by saying talaq thrice to his wife. Due to the increase in the wrong use of this law, the government of India made a second law against this law and abolished that law in the year 2019, thousands of Muslim women got justice due to the end of this law.

What are the benefits of the Uniform Code for women?

         A Uniform civil code will improve the condition of women the most. The rights of women are limited in the personal law of some religions of India, through this law women will get equal rights and will get equal rights in the property of their husband and father, in the case of the adoption of any child, the same law will also apply.

Why is the Uniform Civil Code being opposed in India?

  •        The opinion of the people opposing the UCC (Uniform Civil Code) is that "this law has been made to impose Hindu law on citizens of all religions."

  •        The purpose of the Uniform Civil Code Act is clearly to see and give justice to the citizens of all religions.

  •        Muslim religious leaders are not on the side of the law of UCC. They believe that religions now have their own beliefs, and they cannot be ignored.

Uniform civil codes have been implemented in countries from an angle of the world?

  1. Malaysia

  2. Turkey

 3. Sudan

 4. Egypt

 5. Pakistan

 6. Bangladesh

 7. Indonesia