Where was the External Affairs Minister of India, Jaishakar, along with 50 foreign delegates attending the Navratri festival ?

 India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishakar arrived in Gujarat's cultural capital Vadodara City along with 50 ambassadors and high commissioners on Saturday, October 1, 2022, to participate in the Navratri festival.

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Dr. Jai Sakar and representatives of different countries have visited which place in Gujarat?

Visited Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara with Dr. S. Jayashkar and representatives of different countries.

After reaching Vadodara, the city of Gujarat tweeted; External Affairs Minister Jaishkar; The ambassadors, and high commissioners of different countries are very excited to see, feel, and participate in the Navratri festival. On Saturday night of October 1, Navratri festival, representatives of all different countries participated in the Navratri festival and also participated in the aarti of Mother Amba.

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India's External Affairs Minister Dr. Jaishakar said that on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, all of us will go to Kevadiya to see the "Statue of Unit" and other important things and do a night's stay there. And Dr. Jaisher said that this opportunity is an opportunity for me to know and understand Gujarat and also to understand the progress of Gujarat.

What did the representatives of different countries say about the Navratri festival?

Kamlesh Prakash, High Commission of the Republic of Fiji in India, said that I have never seen such a big event. The number of people who have gathered this may have the same population as the country; we have never got a chance to celebrate any festival on such a large scale in our country.

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The Ambassador of Denmark, who attended the Navratri festival, said that "It is such a festival, it is great to see so many people together in one place."

The Ambassador of Afghanistan came to attend the Navratri festival and said, "Today is in Gujarat to see and participate in the Garba festival. The people of Gujarat have given us a lot of love. We on behalf of Afghanistan thank all the Gujarati people.

Danish Alison, the Ambassador of Russia, who came to participate in the Navratri festival, said on this occasion that I have seen and played Garba for the first time and I liked it very much. This is a good festival.

Tanzania's High Commissioner Anisa K Mbega, who attended the Navratri festival, said, "India and Tanzania have a different and special relationship and most of the Indians coming from India to Tanzania are from Gujarat. That's why this movement is very important to me.