Earthquake in Delhi

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At around 2 AM today, November 9, people in Delhi were woken up by a strong earthquake. It turned out that a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake, whose epicenter was in Nepal, caused the earthquake in Delhi. This came just a week after the 4.8 magnitude earthquake in California. Earthquakes are not to be taken lightly. We all remember the 2001 Gujarat earthquake that caused widespread destruction and deaths. Then there was the horrific Nepal quake. Recently, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2021 that affected 6,50,000 people.

While Earthquakes are unpredictable, there are apps on Google Play Store that can help you prepare for any emergency. Read on for the list of top earthquake apps that can help you with alerts and more.

Earthquake Network

This app uses your smartphone to detect earthquakes and then connects with a virtual network of devices that can help crowdsource the data for other users. With thousands of connected devices, you can see alerts for an earthquake in your area before the official information from local sources. The free version also has data on older earthquakes which can come in quite handy.