From which angle did PM Modi discuss the issues in the G20 Summit?

 The G20 17th summit was held in the city of Bani in Indonesia. Was kept in the date of 14 to 17 November 2022.

The purpose of G20 is that all the countries of the world are with each other for the challenges coming in the world.

In the G20 Summit, PM Modi of India gave his opinion about global energy, global development, energy security and food security.

Keeping his point, PM Modi said that the world had seen a lot of destruction during the Second World War. The leaders of that time had tried a lot to overcome that difficult time and today it is our turn.


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From which angle did PM Modi discuss the issues in the G20 Summit?

1. Taking forward his intention, PM Modi said that at this time efforts should be made to bring a solution through state diplomacy to bring an end to the Ukraine-Russia war.

2. The food supply chain in the world is facing difficulties due to the Ukraine-Russia standoff and may become more difficult in the future. Because of that, starvation can also arise in the world and it will be impossible to stop it.

Which countries are included in the G20 summit?

 1. Argentina 

2. Australia

3. Brazil

4. Canada 

5. China 

6. France 

7. Germany 


9. Indonesia 

10. Italy

11South Korea 

12. Japan, 

13. Mexico 

14. Russia

15. Saudi Arabia

16. South Africa

17. Turkey, 

18. The United Kingdom,

19. The United States

20. The European Union.