KNOW: Which celebrities died last year due to excessive gym exercise

TV serial actor Siddharth Suryavanshi who is in limelight for his body transformation was diagnosed on 11th November.

Let's know,

What happened to Sidhharth Suryavanshi

Siddharth is doing workout in GYM on 11th morning. Suddenly he started feeling dizzy.

His friends and trainer tried somewhere to make him conscious, but he did not regain consciousness. 

Later, an ambulance was called and Siddhartha was taken to Kokilaben Hospital.

The doctors said at 12.31 that Siddharth had died.

who is siddharth suryavanshi?

Who is Siddharth Suryavanshi?

Siddharth Suryavanshi started his career with modeling.

He made his debut in the serial Kusum.

He worked in some shows like "Kasauti Zindagi Ki" ,"Krishna Arjun" ,"Kya Dil Mein Hai".

His last shows were "Kyun Riste Mein Katti Batti" and "Ziddi Dil".

Sidharth was married to Ira in 2000 and both of them got divorced in 2015.

Siddharth and Ira had a girl too. In 2017, Siddharth got married for the second time with Elisia Raut, they had a boy.

In the last one year, which celebrities died due to Gym,

let's know

1. Siddharth Shukla

image from hindustan times

Popular Siddharth Shukla passed away on 2 September 2021 due to a heart attack.

Dr. said that due to more workouts, he got more stress and he got an attack.

2. Raju Srivastava

image from indian Tv news

Comedy King Raju Srivastava was doing workouts in Delhi. And he had a heart attack after that, Dr. says that this is the reason why he died.

3.  Dipesh bhan

image from the indian express

The reason for the death of the actor Dipesh of the show "Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hi", he had a brain hemorrhage while playing cricket.

4. Puneet Rajkumar

image from times of india

Puneet Rajkumar died when he was 46 years old. His death also happened after doing workouts. The doctor said that the attack was due to excessive exercise

5. Sagar Pandey

salman khan with sagar pandey
image from TheLallantop

Salman Khan's bodyguard died on 30 September 2022.

According to reports, he died due to cardiac arrest.