Let's know, who did the attack on Istanbul?

There was an explosion in Istanbul on Sunday, Who was behind all this?

istanbul, which is the capital of turkey, istanbul's famous Istiklal shopping street was destroyed on sunday, in which about 6 people died and more than 81 people were injured.

This street is very famous and it is always very public.

The blast took place at 4.15 pm local time. The fire brigade and ambulance reached the spot immediately after the explosion.

image from twitter

This explosion is counting from a treacherous attack round.

Let's see video,

video from twitter

The police investigated how the explosion happened, and they say that a woman is behind it.

let's see the photo,

who was behind of istanbull attack
image from twitter
You can also see in the video what the lady is doing there,

video from twitter

turkish authorities arrested the female terrorist who is suspected in carrying out the bombing attack in Istanbul,

video from twitter

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