Top 5 Free Courses You Can Learn Free Online

Top 5 courses you can learn for free

1. Digital Marketing

2. Web Designing

3. Graphic Design

4. Python for Beginner

5. Manual Testing

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Let's talk About which IT course you can learn free which is growing,


Digital marketing is online platform, we can also say that digital marketing is online marketing.

Where we can help customer build their business with social media ads, website ads, and email marketing.

There are different types of marketing

1. Search engine optimization

2. Pay per click

3. Content marketing

4. Social media marketing

5. Affliate marketing

6. Email marketing

In the age of technology, everyone is using their phone and for that if you want to grow your business or want to get a job, then you can definitely choose digital marketing, which will increase your business and skills.

2. Web Designing

One of the best ways to present your business is with a website. And for that everyone needs a web designer.

Let's talk about what a web designer is doing,

Web designer plans to create web pages with text, images, videos, and graphics. The bunch of web pages is then converted into a website, which is the job of a web designer.

After creating the website, you can also update it

One of the great courses for beginners is to grow your skill with web designing and show your talent to create websites.

3. Graphic Design

The graphic designer has to create content via computer softer or hand by hand.

They are required to develop layout and production designs for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

There are total 4 types of other specialties too.

1. Logo design

2. Packaging design

3. Web and mobile design

4. Payout and print design

If you like to do creative art then you can do this course which is trending all the time.

4. Python for Begginers

Python is high level coding software.

There are two types in Python. 

1. frontend

2. Backend

Both are related to coding, which is commonly used for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization.

Many people are thinking,

Is Python a good idea to do if I'm from a non-it field?

My answer is definitely yes.

Even I am from non-IT field and I have done python online. Coding is absolutely easy, don't listen to what others said. If you are able to do this then you certainly will.

If you are planning to go into IT sector then python for beginners course is easy to start your career and which will grow in the future.

5. Manual testing

Manual testing, and optimization for a range of browsers and devices. Also used for software testing where you can find bugs.

There are different types of manual testing.

1. Black box testing

2. White box testing

3. Unit testing

4. Integration testing

5. System testing

6. Usability testing

7. User acceptance testing

You can do this course even if you are from a non-IT field. One positive thing is that there is no high-level coding in this course.

You can definitely do this course for future growth and good Earnings.

Here are 3 Youtube Channels You can Learn Free IT Courses

1. WsCube Tech

2. Simplilearn 

3. Apna College

Also, You can Learn free online teaching platforms

1. Udemy

2. RCampus

3. Learnopia

What I suggest,

These are the top 5 easy courses you can learn for free and you don't need an IT field but still you can enter in IT world. These are top 5 easy courses.

Here the starting salary is given, which company will give you 18000 to 21000.

After 3 months, they will increase your salary.

Don't forget to read all the terms and conditions before joining any company.

All the best for your future.