What did Elon Musk say about the Twitter employees lunch?

Elon Musk said $400 was spent on Twitter employees for lunch.

image from britannica

Twitter's owner became Elon Musk, after which he got some employees fired from Twitter.

And now Musk has also tied up the free lunch available to the employees.

Elon Musk tweeted on Twitter employees get free lunch, let's see that tweet

elon musk said that $400 is spent on free lunch behind Twitter employees.

See this tweet of Elon, while handling the responsibility of food program, Hawkins disputed Elon Musk's talk.

she said that behind the tweeter staff used to cost 20-25$.and during these times no employee used to eat office.

only 50% staff were there.

Seeing this controversy of Elon Musk, the speed of the country's Twitter slowed down and see this, Elon Musk apologized by tweeting later.

And unintentionally, he also made a statement that Twitter will soon come up with a new feature to spot fake users.