What is the importance of the new Chief Justice of India ChandraChur ?

 The new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been appointed.

Before the former Chief Justice on 8th  November 2022 was about to retire, he had given a suggestion to the Law Ministry in the name of Justice Chandrachud.

     The Law Ministry had suggested the name of Justice Chandrachud to PM Modi and Prime Minister Modi approved that suggestion PM Modi also suggested the name of Justice Chandrachud to President Murmur. That suggestion also got the approval of President Murmur.

With the Saptavidhi of Justice Chandra Chur, the country has got the 50th Chief Justice after 75 years of independence.

Chief Justice Chandrachud became a historic event because his father also became the Chief Justice of India. His father, Y V Chandrachud was the Chief Justice of India from July 11, 1978, to 1985.

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The beginning of the career of Justice Chandrachud

1. Justice Chandrachur did LLB from Delhi University.

2. Justice Chandrachur obtained a master's degree from Harvard University.

3. Justice Chandrachur also obtained a degree in Juridical Science from Harvard University.

4 Justice Chandrachur started his career out of Sullivan and Cromwell in the world in a meager low form.

5 Justice Chandrachur started practice in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court in India.

6. In 1998, Justice Chandrachud was given the rank of Additional Solicitor General of India.

7. In the year 2000, Justice Chandrachur was made a judge of the Bombay High Court.

8. In 2013, Justice Chandrachur was made the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court.

9. In the year 2016, Justice Chandrachur was made a judge in the Supreme Court.

Justice Chandrachud was included in the bench giving important judgments from which angle?

1. Women were forbidden to go to Sabarimala temple, by removing that injustice, women got the right to go to the temple.

2. Homosexuality is not a crime.

3. No one can give information about Aadhar cards without the knowledge of any person or forcefully.

4 Judgment giving the right to an abortion to the unaccompanied woman or girl. Every woman or girl can get an abortion in 22 to 24 weeks.

5. Justice Chandrachud was also included in the bench that gave the judgment, which came in the Ayodhya dispute also.

6 Supertech was also part of the bench adjudicating on the demolition of Twins Tower in Noida.