What is the reason for the accident of Hagen Bridge in Morbi?

 On October 30, a 145-year-old pool suddenly broke in Morbi. About 140 to 145 people died in this accident, and some people have been injured.

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When and to which company was Morbi Bridge given for renovation?

Morbi Bridge was given to Ajanta Manufacturing Pvt Ltd (Oreva Group) on 7th March 2022 for a complete renovation.

What was wrong with the renovation angle of the Morbi bridge?

Despite giving Morbi Bridge a complete renovation contract, the company made only temporary changes.

1. The cables of the Morbi bridge were not changed.

2. Auvera Group had also not prepared any emergency problem solution plan.

3. There was no cross-checking of how much weight it can handle on the Morbi bridge.

4. Jaysukh Patel, MD of Auvera Group, who was aware of all these mistakes, inaugurated the bridge on October 26, 2022, along with his family members, without informing the municipal head and collector.

From which angle did the team participate in the rescue work in the Morbi Bridge accident?

1. navy

2. Coast Guard

3 army


  Apart from this, the fire brigade team at all places like Vadodara, Dwarka, Bhuj Gandhinagar, Rajkot, and Veraval, Bhavnagar also helped.

After the Morbi accident, PM Modi went to Morbi:-

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  • PM Modi On October 31, a high-level meeting was good for the conditions of Morbi

  • PM Modi visited the accident site of Morbi Bridge and inspected the whole situation.
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  • PM Modi went to Morbi on 2nd November 2022. He had gone to the hospital to meet the patients injured in the Morbi Bridge accident. And also met the families of those who died in this accident.

  • After the Morbi Bridge accident, the Gujarat government had declared the day of 2nd November as a day of mourning.