All about Final match Fifa world cup 2022

Doha Qatar Football World Cup has reached the last match. 

Fifa world cup final 2022
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Defending champions France and 2-time winning team Argentina have reached the final. 

The final between the two teams will be played on Sunday. 

Argentina defeated Co-Asians 3–0 in the first semi-final and Morocco 2–0 in the second semi-final.

In the last World Cup 2018, France lost 4-3 to Lionel Messi's team in the pre- final.

Argentina is looking for the World Cup for the third time.

While France has become the Football World Cup champion in 1998 and 2018.

Argentina and france final team 2022
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Argentina's Lionel Messi is close to winning the World Cup for the first time.

Messi was seen getting emotional after the semi-final.

Suknini from Argentina as well as campaigners from around the world looked emotional.

Messi gave an interview on an Argentine channel after the match against Croatia.

The lady who is taking interview became emotional.

She asked Messi a lot of questions and expressed his gratitude.

In the last part of interview, interviewer said As much as we all want the World Cup, but what Messi made everyone happy today, no one else can do it...Thank you

Whatever be the result of the world cup Players of both the teams have play well so far, we will support them till the end