Thalapathy Vijay's Varisu trailer review

Thalapathy Vijay's Varisu trailer review, Vijay's swag dialogues in family drama are the highlight

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The much-touted Varisu trailer has finally been released at 5 pm on Wednesday and Thalapathy Vijay is all swag in the trailer. Here is a quick review of the trailer and the dialogues rocking social media.

Vijay talks about power and the seat of power - a reference to politics?

Thalapathy has whistle-worthy dialogues.

There is a very strong family sentiment in this film

By Latha Srinivasan: Thalapathy Vijay's Varisu trailer is finally out and is being shared by fans like crazy. The highlights of the trailer are many and here we present a quick review for you. This movie directed by Vamshi Padaipally comes with high expectations from Thalapathy fans.


As can be seen in the trailer, Sharath Kumar is the head of the family and Vijay, Shyam and Srikanth are his three sons. While Srikanth and Shyam are living with Sharath Kumar as a joint family, it looks like Vijay has returned from abroad or from his travels at some point.

Vijay has a close relationship with his mother as seen in the film and the song Soul of Varisu also.

Sharath Kumar has made a powerful enemy in Prakash Raj, who is out to destroy their business and family, and Vijay comes to the rescue. The face-off between Prakash Raj and Vijay will be a highlight in this film.



There are some dialogues that throw shade at politicians and, given Vijay's ambition to enter politics, there are always such dialogues in his films.

In one scene, Vijay tells Prakash Raj when he comments about the heat in the seat, "Power is not in the seat sir, the man who comes and sits in that seat wields the power. Namma (My) power is one of a kind!"

Cut to an action scene, Vijat states that whether it is love or anger that he receives, he will give back three times as much. In this case, it is a fight that ensues with the bad guys.

Again, is he referring to the love of his fans and recent scuffles he has had with the government? One wonders since Vijay had two fan club meetings in the span of a few weeks. This is something he has not done for many years.

The third dialogue that stands out is that the arena may be filled with someone else's people but the audience will only look at one man.

When Thalapathy finally talks about family, it is touching. He states that all families have issues but we each have only one family. He probably means that we need to look after our family and take care of them. When Vijay meets his fans, he always refers to them as one family and this could be a testament to his fans as well.

Vijay seems to be back in form in this film and the trailer is very well-cut showcasing all aspects of what we can expect from the movie and him.