Bollywood 2 Queen spotted together after ages.

After so long, rani mukharjee release her movie "Mrs chatterjee vs norway".

Today rani mukharjee spotted by mehboob studio. She went for show "what women wants season 4" which is hosted by kareena kapoor.

Rani mukharjee and Kareena kapoor was spotted together after mujse dosti karoge film.

Image from twitter

Let's see, how they both posing for pictures and video which is surfaced on Instagram shows Rani showering Kareena with affection.  

Video from twitter

Rani mukharjee wore printed maxi dress and kareena kapoor wore Chanel outfit,black striped shirt and black logo-printed jeans. 

Rani mukharee says to media while posing  with kareena "meri jaan hai."

Fans are happy to see both of them together after ages...and they caption it "queens of bollywood" , "tina and pooja #IYKYK."