Some strange Fact that very less people know about "oscar award".

This Year many of artist won oscar awards..

Do they never take that oscar trophy with him? Do you know why?

It is a mystery, why this award known as oscar.

Image from pintrest

Oscar's official name is "academy award of merit". Oscar award is presented by american academy of motion pictures arts and sciences. This award is specially given to recognize the outstanding work of professionals including directors, actors and writers in the film industry. Oscar award is celebrate like biggest festival.

First oscar award held in 1929 at hollywood roosevelt, and the ticket price for the event was 5 dosars.

About oscar trophy, very less peoole know that oscar winner never get fully won trophy. They never sell their trophy to anywhere. before the award given they have to sign agreement paper that they have to sell this trophy to the academy for just $1. If they are not agree then they don't have entitled to retain the trophy. This rules has been since 1950.

Another fact that maybe very less people know, after world war ll. There were shortage of metals so for 3 years they made platic oscar trophy and painted it.

And the other thing that there are only 3 people in the history of the oscar who refused to accept the award.

Wanna know who are they?

Stay tuned.