Controversial Starbucks Ad Sparks Debate on Gender Identity and Cultural Influence

There has been controversy regarding Starbucks, a company that manufactures and sells coffee. The reason is a Starbucks advertisement, It is alleged that Starbucks has promoted sex change through this Ad. Many social media users have accused Starbucks of tampering with Indian culture and spreading Westernization. At the same time, many people also appeared in support of the Ad.

 let's talk,

what is in this  Starbucks advertisement?

On the morning of Wednesday, May 10, Starbucks put out an advertisement on social media. 

In this video Advertise, a couple is waiting for their son Arpit at a Starbucks outlet. Then the husband calls Arpit but there is no answer from the other end. Once in a while, a girl enters this outlet. He is Arpit, he has got sex changed. The father does not accept this change at first but accepts it later. It begins with Starbucks getting the daughter’s name Arpita written on a coffee mug. After this, the father tells his daughter for me you are still my child. Just one letter has been added to your name. According to media reports, this Advertisement has been created by an agency named Edelman India. 

In this advertisement, Starbucks wrote at the end - "Your name defines who are you Arpit or Arpita Starbucks accepts and loves you just the way you are. Being you is everything to us."

Along with this, Starbucks has also used a hashtag. # ItStartsWithYourName.

This is where the whole ruckus started. Many people gave their feedback on this advertisement.

let's take a look,

Retired IPS M. Nageswara Rao on twitter,

Stop Hindu Hate Advocacy Network (SHHAN) on twitter

another user - larobinsingh tweeted,

                                 Tata Group and its former Chairman Ratan Tata were also dragged out in a tweet. The Tata Group and Starbucks Corporation together run outlets in India. That’s why it was written while tagging Ratan Tata in the tweets #boycottStarbucks

Most of the users have advised Starbucks not to create such ads.

Some people made memes and some people played the card of religion.


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