"From Slum to Stardom: The Inspiring Journey of Mumbai's Maleesha Kharwa"

A Success Story of Maleesha Kharwa:

The story is of Maleesha Kharwa, a resident of Mumbai’s Bandra slum, who used to live in a slum area with her father, brother, and uncle. This girl coming from the slum area wants to become a model. 

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 Maleesha Kharwa comes from such a society in which hardly anyone has the courage to dream big. But Maleesha has that courage. Maleesha Kharwa was born in the year 2008. A 14-year-old girl who hails from Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum has become the face of luxury beauty brand Forest Essentials’ new campaign ‘The Yuvati Collection’. Maleesha was discovered in Mumbai in 2020 by Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman. Maleesha met Robert Hoffman and came to India to shoot one of his music videos. He needed a face for his music video that shows both natural beauty and innocence. And Maleesha’s big eyes and lovely smile won Robert’s heart. A few pictures were taken of Maleesha in a little makeup and some pretty dresses. And when those photos were put on Instagram, Maleesha’s followers started increasing rapidly in no time. Not only this, but Robert also bought a phone for Maleesha and set up social media accounts for her. And created a page GoFoundMe for Maleesha on social media where people can donate money to Maleesha. Today if Maleesha’s dreams have taken flight then Robert is behind her.

The Girl’s Instagram account has over 2.5 million followers today. The most talked about collaboration is her Forest Essentials gig which she features in The Yuvati Collection. The luxury beauty brand features Maleesha Kharwa as a young girl who is out to attain her dreams and promises young girls to never stop dreaming.

In April, Forest Essentials shared a video on Instagram that showed the teen model entering their store which had her campaign photos.

Maleesha’s story is a beautiful reminder that dreams really do come true. #BecauseYourDreamsMatter.

She has worked in famous movies like Jas Sagu and Arsala Qureishi, the women behind “Live Your Fairy Tale’. Maleesha operates her self-titled youtube channel was joined her on May 15, 2020. She has 77.9k subscribers. Maleesha has also shared her gorgeous photos and videos on her Instagram account. She promotes many Beauty, clothes, Nutrition, and Electronic products. She was the Peacock magazine cover girl for the October 2020 edition.

 Maleesha Kharwa’s net worth is approx 50 Lakh Rupees. The main sources of her income are acting and modeling. She is a famous social media star. She earns a massive amount from social media.


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