When Will We See the Next BTS Member Enlist for Military Service?

 Which BTS member will go into military service next?

It is not confirmed yet which member of BTS will go to military service after Jin and J-Hope. However, based on the current age and enlistment requirements of the South Korean military, it is likely that the next member to enlist will be either RM or Jimin.
Presently we all know that Jin and Jhope are in military service. But after that, which BTS member will go for military service?
So let's know,

What solo activities have BTS members been doing recently, and who will go next?

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RM's Indigo album came out. He was said on Weverse Live that he would be in military service when his second album will come out. So Right Now, RM is working on his next album. There's a 99% chance that Rm will be the next BTS member to go to military service.


Jimin's first solo album is "Face". Which just got released and was also in the top 1 in the Billboard 100. Jimin is the first BTS member whose solo song hit the top 1 on the Billboard charts. Jimin did his album Complain, and after that, his Fast & Furious soundtrack is coming with American rapper Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, JVKE, and Muni Long. So after RM, there are chances that Jimin will go to military service.


Suga's first solo album released "D-Day. and after that he went on a world tour, this is his first solo tour without BTS. Where he is carrying a guitar with BTS's sign and messages. He performs in the seesaw and Suga says that BTS will be with him forever. And for that reason, the guitar is very special to both Army and Suga. Suga's world tour will end on June 25, 2023, in Seoul, South Korea. so after that, suga will go to military service.


Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth on the song Left and Right in November. Then his 1st solo song "DREAMER" came out before one day of FIFA WORLDCUP which is held in Qatar. Jungkook Perfomed "DREAMER" in FIFA WORLDCUP and then he sung song with Jimin in his album's song the hidden track. Jungkook went to the US on personal work in April but he was spotted at an American producer/director's studio. In such a situation, there are chances of him collab with American singer Justin Bieber or other American singer. 


V has not released a single solo song/album but he will surprise his fans with his best album. his new show (Jinny's Kitchen) of V was launched which is a cooking show and the army has seen very little while cooking  V. And the Army has liked this thing very much. That's why he is very excited about this show.

With this information, 
RM will go first, then Jimin, then Suga, and at the end Jungkook and V will go to military service.